Moderation Commands

From banning to striking, locking channels down and more, Kettu has powerful tools to help you moderate with ease. It is highly recommended you enable Kettu mod logs if you use Kettu as your primary moderation bot.

Want to learn more about how to use Kettu for moderation? We got you covered, check out our moderation guide!

If you moderate several users Kettu will return an emote to indicate the DM status. ✅ DM sent, ❌ DM not sent (not in server), 🚫 DM failed (closed DMs), 🤐 DM not sent (silent)

User mod commands support 5 users on slash commands and no limit with text commands.

Command Reference

k!ban <@user/id> [users...] [time/#w#d#m] [reason] [--link=linkURL/image] [--bandelete=#] [--nsfw] [--silent] /ban <user> [users...] [reason] [image] [ban_delete] [minutes] [hours] [days] [silent] [nsfw]

Bans a bad fluffball. User does not need to be in the server to be banned

Aliases: b, bean

Permission Level: BanMembers

k! or / caseinfo [@user/ID] [case-id]

Returns information about a case or a users cases

Aliases: case, cases, history, warnings, search, searchall

Permission Level: BanMembers

k! or / check <@user/id>

Gives you useful information about a user and their moderation status/history

Aliases: lookup

Permission Level: BanMembers

k! or / deletecase <case-id>

Deletes a case

Aliases: deletepunish, deletepunishment, dp, dc

Permission Level: BanMembers

k! or / editcase <case-id> <new-reason>

Updates the reason for a case

Aliases: caseedit, edit, reason, ec

Permission Level: BanMembers

k!kick <@user/id> [users...] [time/#w#d#m] [reason] [--link=linkURL/image] [--nsfw] [--silent] /kick <user> [users...] [reason] [image] [silent] [nsfw]

Kicks a bad fluffball. User needs to be in the server to be kicked.

Aliases: k

Permission Level: BanMembers

k!lockchannel [channel] [reason] [--nsfw] [--hide] /lockchannel [channel] [reason] [nsfw] [hide]

Locks a channel preventing people from sending messages. Click here to read our guide on how to set it up. If nsfw flag is provided it marks the channel as nsfw, and if hide flag is added it hides the channel from users.

Aliases: lc, lock

Permission Level: BanMembers

k! or / lockserver [reason]

Locks the server so normal users can not speak in it. Click here to read our guide on how to set this up.

Aliases: ls, lockdown

Permission Level: ManageGuild

k!mute <@user/id> [users...] [time/#w#d#m] [reason] [--link=linkURL/image] [--nsfw] [--silent] /mute <user> [users...] [reason] [image] [minutes] [hours] [days] [silent] [nsfw]

Mutes a bad fluffball. User needs to be in the server to be muted

Aliases: m, muzzle, timeout

Permission Level: ModerateMembers

k! or / purge <2-1000> [help/args...]

Purges messages. Run purge help to learn about the commands args.

Aliases: clean, clear, purgeall, prune, p

Permission Level: ManageMessages

k! or / raidmode [on/off/kick/ban/nothing/pause-invites]

Lets you see and change the current active raidmode status

Aliases: raid

Permission Level: BanMembers

k! or / slowmode <time> [channel] [reason]

Sets slowmode on a channel. Useful for making the chat chill out.

Aliases: slow, sm, setslowmode

Permission Level: ManageMessages

k!softban <@user/id> [users...] [reason] [--link=linkURL/image] [--nsfw] [--silent] /ban <user> [users...] [reason] [image] [silent] [nsfw]

Softban bans then unbans deleting a fluffball's messages sent in the last 24 hours.

Aliases: sb, deletekick

Permission Level: BanMembers

k!strike <@user/id> [users...] [strikes] [reason] [--link=linkURL/image] [--nsfw] [--silent] /strike <user> [users...] [strikes] [reason] [image] [silent] [nsfw]

Strikes a bad fluffball. Check a users strikes with the caseHistory command

Aliases: w, warn

Permission Level: BanMembers

k!unban <@user/id> [users...] [reason] [--link=linkURL/image] [--nsfw] /unban <user> [users...] [reason] [image] [nsfw]

Unbans a fluffball.

Aliases: ub

Permission Level: BanMembers

k!unlockchannel [channel] [reason]

Unlocks a channel allowing people to sending messages again.

Aliases: uc, unlock

Permission Level: BanMembers

k!unlockserver [reason]

Unlocks the server so normal users can speak in it again.

Aliases: us, unlockdown

Permission Level: ManageGuild

k!unmute <@user/id> [users...] [reason] [--link=linkURL/image] [--nsfw] /unmute <user> [users...] [reason] [image] [nsfw]

Unmutes a fluffball.

Aliases: um, untimeout

Permission Level: ModerateMembers

k!unstrike <@user/id> [users...] [strikes] [reason] [--link=linkURL/image] [--nsfw] /unstrike <user> [users...] [strikes] [reason] [image] [nsfw]

Removes strikes from a user. Use the check command to view a users current amount of strikes.

Aliases: pardon, removewarn

Permission Level: BanMembers